This season, thousands of bakers across Canada submitted an online application to appear on The Great Canadian Baking Show.
From those applications, a select few bakers were asked to show off their skills at an in-person or virtual audition. From there, these top 10 were selected to come to the tent and show their skills to the country. Then they called me to shoot their portraits.  The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 4 Promo images for CBC / NETFLIX
The Bakers:
Anjali Helferty, 36 @anjalih
Bertie Diaz, 54 @bertiebroadway
Dominike Audet, 42 @itssodominike
Larry Harris, 53 @harrislarryd
Maggie Frith, 42 @themagpiecakery
Mahathi Mundluru, 24 @bakingwithmahathi
Oyaks Airende, 28 @thefoodengineer_yyc
Raufikat Oyawoye, 35 @lanisbakebo
Sheldon Lynn, 25 @sheldoskitchen
Tanner Davies, 28 @bakewithtanner

New Hosts: 
Ann Pornel @glampornel
Alan Shane Lewis @alanshane

Returning Judges:
Kyla Kennaley @kylakennaley
Bruno Feldeisen @brunofeldeisen

Key Hair by @jukka333 
Key Makeup for Hosts @luckymakeup 
Key Makeup for Judges @notoriouslilkim 
Styling for Hosts @vanessaismagic @asiafiasco 
Makeup for Bakers @rickyboudreau

How did we keep everyone safe during our session days?
•Everyone on set had to provide negative Covid-19 tests results 48hrs before our first shoot day.
•Face coverings were provided and worn by everyone except the on-camera cast.
•When not filming, all on-camera cast also wore face coverings.
•Daily health screenings and temperature checks were performed. 
•Proper physical distancing was practiced and actively monitored. 
•Production locations were thoroughly and regularly sanitized.
•Every precaution was taken for the protection of the cast and crew.
•All of the guidelines provided by Toronto Public Health and the Ontario Government were followed, as well as additional health and safety measures. 

Produced by Proper Television @propertelevision for CBC @cbcgem @cbcbakingshow
Behind the Scenes
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