I'm available for projects big or small, in Toronto or in exotic locations with passports involved. Drop me a line or send me an email for an instant response. I hate contact forms so I'll never subject you to them and love dm's, phone calls and text messages. Turning good ideas into reality is my thing. Let's talk.  
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Steve has a certain je ne se qua that distinguishes his work as it stands out the way it is meant to stand when dealing with a professional of his caliber. A gifted artist. A photographer with a unique creative approach. He brings enthusiasm and passion for the art form with his unique techniques, and the results speak for it self. Stunning works of art.   - Amir Ebrahimnia, DeRooted 
Steve is one of the most creative and dynamic photographers I've had the chance to work with. His dedication to his work and clients is balanced with his upbeat and positive approach, making it easy for him to relate to and work with - which is key to achieving the results he does on film. I'm not surprised of his success over the years at all - it's earned.  - Kevin Cazabon, director of engineering
Steve was a pleasure to work with from concept stage all the way through final execution, and the results were extraordinary ! - Edwin Rott, Director of Compliance at Prime Quadrant
Steve is a consummate professional and has on several occasions delivered exceptional results for me and my clients. Steve has a strong ability to conceptualize, manage and execute an initiative to meet clear and ‘not so’ clear goals and objectives. I would not hesitate to hire Steve again for marketing and business development projects.  - Jim Vandekas, SVP, Strategic Development at Unitas Data Management
I have known Steve for many years. Took my teenage girls for a session with him and they had a great time. He was extremely professional and made everyone feel welcome. - Ken Siggins
I had the opportunity to work with Steve a few years ago and he was awesome to work with and nothing but professional. Multi-talented, creative, and also adaptable, I wouldn’t hesitate to send friends and clients his way for their creative needs!  - Britt, UpBrittCreek
Steve is my favourite photographer. Super personable. Super skilled. Super resourceful. We've worked with Steve for headshots and family portraits and look forward to continuing to work with him in the years to come. - Leah Sweed 
I've had the pleasure of knowing Steve for 30 years. From the Darkroom to Digital, His hard work has brought him to where he is today. He is a Pioneer of the Urban Street Photography Culture in North America. - RS777