Carty has a modest and straight up approach to making pictures that is understated, modern and honest. Reflecting the attitude of the moment, he creates powerful undertones, which are never overstylized, but always iconic. At his best he is a photographer who connects with his subject quickly and produces quickly. A relationship founded first, in moments, finding that essential common ground and comfort. From them, he is able to capture remarkably personable and raw moments of beauty and depth of truth. It is a straight-up, human approach, underpinned with confidence by the artist’s sound technical ability. Always evolving with technology, Carty consistently tries to find new ways to incorporate the latest innovations into his work, most recently adding teaching photography through live streaming and of course continuing shoot editorially, direct shorts, fashion films and music videos.  In 2014, he signed a 2 year deal becoming Canon Canada’s first Brand Ambassador. Although his deal has ended with Canon, Carty continues to shoot with Canon Cameras as well as GoPro and DJI.
Highlights of his works include campaigns for: the Great Canadian Baking Show for Netflix, the Block for CBC, Strombo for Apple Music, as well as features in prominent magazines such as; Wired (Germany), Barron’s, NUVO, Adformatie (Amsterdam), RealStyle Network, Naked Eye, ELLE Canada, InTouch Weekly, Vervegirl, Girlfriend (US & New Zealand) and many more. His exceptional approach to subjects include client work with; Apple , Proper Television, CBC, Starbucks Canada, Chronixx Apparel, eCampus Ontario, Royal Canadian Laboratories, Corus Entertainment, W Network, HP (Hewlett-Packard), Nike, MTV / MuchMusic, DHL Express, Canon Canada, Nottinblu Luxury Beds, D&AD, Canada Goose, SportingLife, and Air Canada  just to name a few. Carty currently is based in Toronto and works all over North America, with frequent stops in the UK, Europe and Central America. In 2009 released his first book, “Positives” and was selected to be published in Carte Blanche, the first book of Canadian Contemporary Photographers, available everywhere.
I’m here to help organizations increase sales and social presence utilizing high end Photography and Video.
Accurately representing your staff, your location and your quality products with high end photography is becoming more necessary to capture the market share that you deserve.  Spending time, effort and money building out your business, is often lost in marketing campaigns with poorly executed often DIY photography and video.  Eventually this affects your bottom line. Perception is everything.  Isn’t it time to give your staff, your new retail space or your products brilliant images to gain the attention that they all deserve?
High end professional Photography and Video content are the tools you need to take your online presence to the next level.
High-def images and HD video maximize your marketing appeal.  Better images and compelling video content stop people, getting their attention.  In this sea of midrange-low end visual nonsense, the high end look and feel in this space create higher sales and command a higher pricetag.  Mouth watering images with immaculate detail show your products better than your competitors.  Lifestyle photography and story form video communicates the culture of your company and turns real stories into real sales.  Customers want to see your team in action.  Seeing is believing.  Show your business by virtual tour and welcome those virtual customers into your location through creative high quality photography and video.  It will help customers be more comfortable by showing them behind the curtain, showing the way you work.
Yes. I’m looking at you, with high-value, sometimes hard to reach potential customers and clients who demand quality in every aspect of their seeking buying cycle. That's who I help - real businesses just like yours who just need to have more interactions with their targeted prospects or potential customers. Let amazing video and photography help bridge that gap for you.  Tell your story.
It's not enough to JUST get “views”. ​ You need to catch paying customers.  People love to spend money on quality.   Why cut corners on documenting the very thing you spent so much to build?  Why cheap out on documenting your team when you spent so much time building it?
You need to take the image of your business / brand to the next level.
We all need to make connections - again and again - to grow our businesses and turn each one into an enduring partnership. Taking your business image to the next level is a HUGE value add.  High end imagery shows you know what’s good and what’s NOT.  Showing only the strong visuals and moving far from the DIY stuff.  This is why I’m here. I want to help everyone with high end visuals to expand your reach.
High end Photography or Video doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  I have 27 years experience delivering high end visuals for my clients and i’m ready to help you take your ideas and your image to the next level.  With experience comes speed and efficiency, high quality in a short time, and more than reasonable rates.
That’s is just a snippet of what high end photography / video can do for you.  If you would like me to help you get high-end photography and video working for your business, brand or for you personally, I’d love to talk about your options.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.​​​​​​​
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