The first step to shooting great pictures is having an understanding of the camera. Having a full grasp of apertures, shutter speed and sensor sensitivity (ISO), why they work, how they work, how they work together and why to choose one setting over the other are all going to be covered in this section.  I’ve had experienced shooters tell me that they’ve never had something so technical explained to them in such a simple way.

Here is the point of all my technical wizardry.  Learn the technical so well that you can imagine any scenario and you can shoot it. You can light it.  You can visualize what light will look like from here, or from there, or back there and know exactly how it will look before you shoot it.  I’m trying to help you build a foundation of understanding that you can build your photography business on.  Teach you the technical stuff so you know it so well, you can forget it.  You can call upon it anytime and it’s innate.  It’s hardwired.  It’s a part of you. this module is the beginning of your journey.  mastering your camera.  EVerything you need to know about apertures, shutter speed, iso, exposure and lenses.  This module gets you started.  
40 page workbook.
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