"Would you agree, [A] It’s hardest and slowest to assess yourself as a shooter? and [B] Being assessed by another creative takes a certain kind of courage?"
"Would you agree, [A] It’s hardest and slowest to assess yourself as a shooter? and [B] Being assessed by another creative takes a certain kind of courage?" I know this to be true and i think you do too. Likely are the kind of person that sees value in therapy, and would also see the value in being taken back to the very core of your desires with your camera, your process, why you think you’re good enough to be a Pro, assessing your work, your subject matter, and where your work fits in the world of contemporary photography. 
This Assessment, Inspiration, motivation and actionable steps that come out of our potential conversation is invaluable. All with the goal to get you to the place where you’re in demand because of your talent with a camera.
After an short 15m assessment phone or zoom chat with you, We schedule our first mentorship meeting where I create private LIVE links for you to speak to me and see any visuals I need you to see during our video chat. During our time, I can offer personalized direction on any topic you need help in, including inspiration, subject matter, visual signature, editorial rules, getting published, portfolio development, marketing, promotion, understanding light, branding, photo basics, lighting, website/portfolio critique, or anything else you request.  
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, I'll provide the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals and create a body of work that stand out in today's competitive market. All the photographers that sign on to this program have access to me beyond our sessions for questions, quote help, cold reach outs, and so much more. It's a 30yr pro in your pocket for anything that you need help with. And of course, intensive two hour sessions, monthly to motivate, correct, check up and give new tasks once you level up.
Taking the next step in your photography career is easy. Let me be your Coach. Click the link below, Pay the program fee. I'll reply back to check your availability for a quick discovery FaceTime or Zoom chat. During that chat I will listen to your needs and schedule a time for our first session. Our sessions re-occur once monthly on a day we predetermine. If you need to reschedule, easy breezy. After each session, your program will still exist as a link or downloadable video that you can review over and over.
(You are billed once for $200 our first session when you book. 2 remaining future payments are withdrawn from you monthly on the day you sign up for 2 more months unless you cancel early or extend)​​​​​​​ 
I've included a few 1m clips of some recent sessions.
If you're still on the fence, no one knows more than me, being a Freelance Photographer is HARD. I'm here to help you get unstuck, answer your most burning questions about your work, direction, and help you gain more clarity on your niche.
Of course I can't do the work for you. And the actionable tasks that come out of these sessions have to be actioned by you. I've created this mentorship program for those that want and need accountability and week by week actionable direction that they can follow based on our sessions. Most of the shooters I'm taking on I can transform in 3 months.  
Building a Photography business has its challenges, especially if you don't have the right strategies and tools in place. Photography school cost me $10k/yr and that was 30yrs ago. I still need to continually update my strategies, speak to my own mentors and constantly be evolving with this ever changing industry. 

It can feel confusing, overwhelming, and even isolating not knowing what, how, and who to turn to for guidance.

Which is why I've opened up this mentorship program where we can discuss, overcome, and formulate a plan of action so that you can achieve your photography goals with clarity and confidence.

I can help you with the following:
Portfolio content and growth strategies

Tech, tools, and systems to run your photography business

Abstract marketing strategies specific to your photography niche.

Photography products: Creating and selling prints, photography books, subscription models, and other downloadables

Helping you understand potential client demographics based on your skills and service

Critique your portfolio / services / websites / social media

Online tools you can adopt into your workflow

Email marketing: Building and nurturing an email list

Productivity, habits, weekly goals and so much more.



"Every photographer I take on for this process is selected after viewing work, and a 15m video chat so I'm aligned with what I believe your needs are, and I'm sure I can give you the help you need. I can tell during a call if the fit is right. Make sure you reach out if you'd like to be a part of my mentorship program."

Photo by Josh McCoy - Turtle Drone Solutions. a current member of my mentorship program. I'm currently helping him build out a marketable portfolio, filling content gaps and targeting potential clients within his Niche.

photo by Devanshu Damle. Dev is from India and is currently studying photography in Australia. I've been mentoring this talented 21yr old since he was 19. He heard about my mentorship through my past assistant, Cory VanderPloeg.

My fee includes a full HD recording of the entire session you can watch back over and over. There are currently 6 spots left.
I can do single session one on one's, if that's all you need. But do set up a time to jump on a call with me so we can see if that's the case. You could be on of those last spots for my ongoing program or someone that could do wonders with a single session. 
Join my mentorship Program now, I'll get the notification that you signed up and I'll reply immediately with a time that works for our discovery call and then we schedule our first session. 
If One on One isn't for you right now, Make sure you at least get on my YouTube channel and see how I'm transforming photographers over there.
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