Another photographer with a Youtube Channel? Let me tell you why mine will be just a little bit different. Behind the Picture, a show by a photographer, for photographers, [or soon to be] In episode 1, I talk about gear review podcasts, how I believe there are too many of them and how BtP will be different. I'm here to help you the emerging photographer get to the next level. I'll be doing this by accepting your image submissions via Instagram, so follow me there if you'd like help with your pics.ยโ€‹ I also talk about how a live stream will benefit this exchange greatly. But I'm not going to be doing this stream here on YouTube, but weekly live on Twitch. You can follow me and get alerted when I go live hereโ€‹ This podcast is all about life behind the camera. From the highs to the lows, and everything in between. It's easy, this photographer life. Join me on my journey, I'll tell you a few secrets.ย 
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