I'm a content creator. I meet an amazing amount of people and I like to share my work via business card. I use a company called Moo that allows me to put up to 50 different images on the front's of my cards, while keeping my design and contact information consistent on the back. It just looks pro.ย 
I allow my clients to essentially choose a card, which forces them to look through my entire collection. Not only do they get to see a good range of my work, they also choose a card that they love, and that's relevant to the type of work that they do. I use my moo cards to show the complete range of work that I do from editorial portraits, advertising, to small product work and streetwear.ย 
I think that too many creatives and visual people just share their instagram and social platforms when they meet a person. I believe thatโ€™s a quick way to get lost in the shuffle. I prefer to think a little more old school. Giving my clients (and potential clients) a card that I know they will keep takes me out of the box, and sometimes onto a moodboard or next to their desk. Sometimes they take a few so they can share. My cards are like seeds. I give them out often and they always seem to grow into inquiries and new opportunities.ย 
Don't think that the business card is dead. You may just be using radio tech in a video world. If a picture is worth a thousand words, let your visuals do the talking. We should all be using strong visual identity on our branding. Often times creators like me spend a majority of time creating for other people and not enough time creating things for ourselves. Especially promotional things that get us more work. I let my images and cards speak for themselves. 10+ years with Moo and I haven't looked back.ย 
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